Destroying Medicare

Medicare has become a financial lifeline for most seniors, who know that without it, one medical emergency could wipe out a lifetime of savings and drive them into poverty. Tom Cotton doesn’t seem to understand… or care.

Tom Cotton’s agenda for Medicare begins by increasing the eligibility age from 65 to 70. (Imagine the cost of five more years of insurance premiums.) And once you finally reach his new age of eligibility, he wants to cut your guaranteed benefits. It’s reckless. Learn more

Social Security

Cutting Social Security

Part of the American Dream is our commitment from one generation to the next to provide for the economic security of our seniors. Tom Cotton would break that commitment.

Tom Cotton would cut Social Security benefits to current and future seniors. He would privatize Social Security so that Wall Street can gamble on and profit from your retirement savings. He’d take the guarantee of Social Security and tear it to shreds. Learn more

Women's Rights

Turning the Clock Back on Women

Tom Cotton’s record on issues of concern to women is patronizing at best and archaic at worst. It’s like turning the clock back to the 1920s.

Cotton voted against the Democratic AND Republican versions of the Violence Against Women Act; he was one of the VERY few to do so. Cotton opposes the Paycheck Fairness Act, which calls for equal pay for equal work. Learn more

Student Loans

Making Student Loans More Expensive

Tom Cotton is proud of the fact that he graduated from Harvard Law School and often tells the story that after graduation he worked in the private sector for a couple years in order to pay off his student loans. So why is he now so committed to making student loans more expensive for parents and students alike? Learn more

Farm Bill

Farm Bill

There is no single piece of legislation more important to Arkansas’ economy than the Farm Bill. Its passage is vital to our farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, and the families that depend on a stable farm economy.

It took years of work to compile a consensus piece of legislation that was supported by every major farm organization in Arkansas. Everyone in the Arkansas delegation—Republican and Democrat alike—supported the legislation. Except Tom Cotton. Learn more

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

One of Cotton’s first votes in Congress was in opposition to disaster aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Thumbing your nose at your fellow Americans who need help is not the Arkansas way, and doing so makes it harder for Americans to reach out with a helping hand when the people of Arkansas need assistance. Learn more


“Corruption of Blood”

Cotton wrote and tried to pass a law which would have made entire families and their relatives, including aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, grandparents and grandkids, guilty of violating the law if any ONE of them violated American sanctions against Iran. No trial. No jury. Just an automatic sentence. It has been called the “corruption of blood” amendment, and it is so reckless, irresponsible and frankly bizarre that even his Republican colleagues in the House suggested he withdraw it. Learn more

Health Care

Health Care for Some

Cotton would return to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage for preexisting conditions, decide which medical procedures they will pay for and place annual and lifetime caps on benefits. Parents could no longer keep their children on their family policies up to the age of 26.

The cost of wellness visits would rise. Coverage of lifesaving screenings—like mammograms—would be left to the discretion of insurance executives. Prescription drug costs for seniors would increase. Learn more



Cotton rightfully highlights his military background. Every Arkansan should thank him for his service.

The question, though, is what’s next.

Cotton thinks we need to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely and invest more of our tax dollars into Afghanistan’s development. He wants to cut funding for our public schools and our roads but invest more of our tax dollars in Afghanistan’s schools and roads. Learn more